Business Analyst Workflow Solutions: Organized File Sharing For BA Teams

A Little Folder Structure Planning and Organization Goes a Loooog Way

Let's talk about creating an organized folder structure for your Business Analyst Team.

This something that is rarely talked about but on-so-important! We are going to walk you through the structure that we use - for every job - so we know it’s proven to work! And you can adapt it for yourself!

It will give you a basic shared drive folder setup for not only your BA team, but your PMO, and QA!

AND make sure you stick around, because we’ll tell you where you can get your very own copy to impress your friends and co-workers.

Why Does a Consistent Folder Structure Matter?

  • Working as a Business Analyst is fast-paced job...we just don't have time to waste trying to find something - AND it's always in the last place you look.

  • And juggling multiple projects at once compounds the problems.

  • If you get hit by a bus, or win the lottery, someone needs to pick up your work - Quickly!

  • You’re hard drive dies...and so does your documentation

The solution? Create a shared drive for your team and adopt the same structure for your individual work drive.

We're sharing our practical, efficient, intuitive, and easy to use solution and we’re going to show you how to create it.

This is our proven solution that can quickly be adjusted to fit any project.

The Benefits of Folder Structure Planning and Organization

  • Gives you control by limiting access to finalized work (PMO team).

  • Makes you more efficient, by creating Master folders, where you can access to most the recent version, without having to find the last project you worked on to get it.

  • Standardizes your process.

Of course, you have to make it a habit for it to work.

Ready to dive in? Check out the video below...

And visit: for a free copy of the structure we showed you in the video!