Problem-solving With Post-it Notes - Business Analyst Tools for Success

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest…in this case it’s the humble but powerful Post-it Note!

Here are our tips for using “sticky notes” as a major part of your problem-solving toolkit.

(Well, there were some problems with the live stream….but no worries, all it NOT lost! We always make a backup copy, just for times like this…)

Deliverables: What Are Comps?

Deliverables: What Are Comps?

At some point in your career, you're going to hear the word “comp” thrown around and during that conversation many people will have this question in their head - what are comps?

You may also hear someone mention "mockups" and in most cases they are referring to comps, but some people call low-to-medium fidelity comps mockups.

But not you, because you're here and you're reading this, so you will actually understand being talked about. Congratulations!

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