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Managing The Job Search Time Suck

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Our Top 5 Business Analyst Tools


Hot Job Industries/Opportunities for Business Analysts

Being a part of a growth industry is often an exciting place for business analysts to work. Wondering where those jobs are right now? Join us as we walk through the 8 industries will have the fastest employment growth!

Mergers & Acquisitions: Can You Successfully Merge Applications?

As if dealing with company mergers wasn't enough of a challenge, then they tell you that you need to merge the other company's application with yours!


First, take a deep breath. Then another.

OK, feel better?

Next, check out the next The BA Zone Live where Mare will walk you through the special challenges you'll face in this very tricky situation.

Are Remote Teams Doomed to Fail?

Curious About Healthcare Trends?

Join us as we talk about the areas & industries that interact with Healthcare and the associated BA tasks!

Business Analysts in Healthcare: Healthcare Plans, Rules, & Regulations

Fraud, privacy, insurance restrictions, etc. - there's lots to learn! Bring your questions and/or share your stories...

Learn Medical Terminology for Healthcare Business Analysts

Medical Lingo and Other Hieroglyphics

Learning the vocabulary and key phrases of the industry you are working in, or want to work in, will help you understand the relationships between the concepts being discussed, the issues to be solved, and the goals of the project.

Join us to learn the medical terminology that you'll need when you work as a BA in healthcare! 

And here are the links we mentioned:


Taber’s Medical Dictionary: Over 65,000 terms, 1,200 photos, 32,000 audio pronunciations, 100+ videos, and more than 600 patient-care statements.


Psych Terms: This medical dictionary is a pocket glossary for psychology, psychiatry and mental health.


Medical Terminology and Abbreviations: A list of abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes to help you understand complex medical terms.


Med Term Scramble: A free game that lets you test your knowledge of medical terms. Over 30 word lists to choose from. The app is also available for Android devices.


Learn Medical Terminology: This app contains lists of prefixes, roots and suffixes. You’ll also discover links to other free interactive medical terminology exercises and e-learning courses.

Medical Terms EN: Learn the most common medical terms, diseases, tests and symptoms. Voice enabled search with word prediction and smart options let you narrow search results to abbreviations.

Medical Terminology Flashcards: You can create your own decks and cards or just use the pre-made ones.The app lets you mark cards as “correct” or “incorrect” to help track progress.

Medical Terminologies: Medical dictionary with common and uncommon words, terms and phrases. Works offline.

Med Term Scramble: A medical variation of Scramble with more than 30 different word lists. The app is also available for iOS.

On the web:

Ever wonder what a BA does in the healthcare domain?

Join us and we'll tell you all about it!

Psychology For Business Analysts: The Power of Persuasion

Learn how Business Analysts can harness the power of Persuasion

Lots of people think Persuasion is a "dirty word" but we disagree. 

You see, when your customer/boss/business leader/etc. is saying no, there’s a reason for it. You have to find that reason at all costs because when you do, it’s the difference between the no and the yes.

And that's where our Persuasion skills are needed!

Watch The BA Zone Live on 3/27/2018 @9PM ET and we'll walk you through it all...






Psychology For Business Analysts: Change is a good thing...right?

Some people thrive on change; others will do all they can to resist it. But however you feel about change, the fact remains: You can’t wish change away-change is inevitable. Ready or not, change happens.

So, since we can't stop change, let's talk about ways to anticipate, prepare for, and react to CHANGE!

Watch The BA Zone Live on 3/20/2018 @9PM ET OR OR search for us on YouTube OR

Psychology For Business Analysts: Ambiguity & Scope Creep

Scope Creep can happen on any project,...wasting time and money, decreasing satisfaction, and causing stress and frustration for everyone. Let's talk about how to control one of the main causes of scope creep - Ambiguity!