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Business Analyst Project Deliverables: Dashboards

Business runs on data, and often many, many reports are generated to collect and compare that data. But there comes a point where just creating another report isn't the right solution. Join "The BA Zone" as we discuss dashboards... #businessanalysts #softwarerequirements #data #dashboard #softwareapplications #tips #TheBAZoneLive

Business Analyst Project Deliverables: File Feeds

Business Analyst Project Deliverables: File Feeds

Understanding import, export, and loop is just a part of what a Business Analyst needs to master when dealing with file feeds as a part of a project!

#businessanalysts #softwarerequirements #data #filefeeds #softwareapplications #tips #TheBAZoneLive

Data Dictionary Best Practices

Preparing for the Business Analyst Job Interview

What Goes Into a Requirements Document?

Business Analyst Workflow Solutions: Organized File Sharing

Business Analyst Team Tips!

"The BA Zone LIVE!" Anniversary Show:

Hot Job Industries/Opportunities for Business Analysts

Being a part of a growth industry is often an exciting place for business analysts to work. Wondering where those jobs are right now? Join us as we walk through the 8 industries will have the fastest employment growth!

Mergers & Acquisitions: Can You Successfully Merge Applications?

As if dealing with company mergers wasn't enough of a challenge, then they tell you that you need to merge the other company's application with yours!


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