Mary Ann Morrison

Mary Ann is, what she likes to call, a business cartographer who believes that change is the only guarantee in life. Rather than standing on the familiar edge of what we think we know, she prefers to take people out of their comfort zone allowing them to safely, explore the landscape and create their own set of footprints.

With extensive hands-on experience in building highly scalable, enterprise-level applications - Mary Ann uses a holistic approach to providing client-focused solutions.  As a BA, Operations Manager, and IT Manager, she has lead talented teams of operations specialists, billing specialists, clinical analysts, business analysts, web designers, technical writers, and quality assurance teams by leveraging their individual skill sets.

Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams that include clients, business operations, clinical teams, developers, QA, sales, and the lunch lady; is key to identifying new areas for product expansion, operational efficiencies, and what exactly is in that veggie burger.

As a mystery buff, she always knows where the bodies are buried…



Kathleen Sinnott

Kathleen is a Software Architect bringing the acumen of a Renaissance woman, multifaceted problem-solving approach, and diverse skill set to the challenges of the full life-cycle of application design (desktop, web, mobile, and wearable). Although a true polymath, technology is her passion – especially in the area of helping people reach their goals, or at least do their jobs a bit easier.

Working on projects covering everything from eCommerce, financial services, travel service, human resources, to healthcare - Kathleen has designed software solutions for a wide variety of applications and user bases.

When she's not testing out new technology and coding options, you'll find Kathleen spending time with her dog, reading, and trying out new sous vide cooking recipes - sometimes all at once.

Fair warning - don't get her started on the topic of accessibility unless you have lots of time to kill…

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